John Robin Warren

John Warren is an Australian pathologist and researcher who has been credited with re-discovering the H pylori bacterium in 1979.  He later won the 2005 Nobel Prize in Medicine together with his colleague Barry Marshall for their discovery that H. pylori is the cause of stomach ulcers and gastric cancer

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Robin Warren
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1.    1994 Warren Alpert Prize (shared with B.J. Marshall)
2.    1995 Australian Medical Association (WA Branch) Medical award (shared with B.J. Marshall)
3.    1995 Distinguished Fellows Award, Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia
4.    1996 Inaugural Award, The First Western Pacific Helicobacter Congress
5.    1996 The medal of the University of Hiroshima
6.    1996 Distinguished Alumni Award, The University of Adelaide
7.    1997 Paul Ehrlich Prize (shared with B.J. Marshall)
8.    1997 M.D.h.c., University of Western Australia
9.    1998 Howard Florey Centenary Medal
10.    2005 The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine with Barry Marshall

1.    Duodenal Ulcer Relapse after Eradication of Campylobacter Pylori The Lancet, Volume 333, Issue 8642, 15 April 1989, Pages 836-837 BarryJ. Marshall, J. Robin Warren and C. Stewart Goodwin

2.    Prospective Double-blind Trial of Duodenal Ulcer Relapse after Eradication of Campylobacter Pylori The Lancet, Volume 332, Issues 8626-8627, 31 December 1988, Pages 1437-1442 Barry J. Marshall, J. Robin Warren, Elizabeth D. Blincow, Michael Phillips, C. Stewart Goodwin, Raymond Murray, Stephen J. Blackbourn, Thomas E. Waters and Christopher R. Sanderson
3.    Unidentified Curved Bacilli in the Stomach of Patients with Gastritis and Peptic Ulceration The Lancet, Volume 323, Issue 8390, 16 June 1984, Pages 1311-1315 Barry J. Marshall and J. Robin Warren
4.    Unidentified Curved Bacilli on Gastric Epithelium in active chronic gastritis The Lancet, Volume 321, Issue 8336, 4 June 1983, Pages 1273-1275 J. Robin Warren and Barry Marshall

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