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Discover the world’s greatest scientific minds!

Superstars of Science celebrates the scientific heroes of our age - those people that through their research, discoveries and theories have helped tackle some of the world's greatest problems, cure and prevent illness, heighten our understanding of nature and the universe, and inspired others to pursue scientific excellence. Here you'll find the world's greatest scientists.  Some of them are famous and others known only within their field, but all have made a major contribution to science.  Help us find the world's greatest scientists by exploring scientists working in your areas of interest and get involved by leaving a comment or sharing your favourite scientists on Facebook and Twitter.

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Who is your superstar of science?

Some scientists work in high profile areas and experience significant public attention, but there are many others working in equally valuable fields of research that while making a great impact through their work, are not well known as individuals.  Part of our goal at Superstars of Science is to help all scientists gain recognition  and inspire others with their achievements.  If you know of a scientist that is breaking new ground in their field and that isn't yet featured on Superstars of Science, nominate them now!
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