Isobel Bennett

Dr Isobel Eliza Toom Bennett was one of the most famous Australian marine biologists. In 1933 she became the secretary of the University of Sydney Professor of Zoology, William John Dakin. Consequently, as a research assistant she participated with Professor Dakin and Professor P.D.F. Murray in numerous research projects all around the world and became an expert on Australian marine life and the ecology of the Great Barrier Reef. Dr Bennett took part in the first study of plankton in Australian waters.


Dr Bennett was awarded an honorary Masters Degree in Science by the University of Sydney in 1962, the Mueller Medal in 1982, which is the greatest honor she received, and in 1984 she received the title of Officer of the Order of Australia. In 1995 Dr Bennett received an honorary Doctorate in Science from the University of New South Wales.

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1962 Honorary Masters Degree in Science, University of Sydney

1984 52nd ANZAAS Congress Mueller Medal

1995 Honorary Doctorate in Science, University of New South Wales

1932 Australia’s deepest blue mystery

1952 Australian Seashores

1966 The Fringe of the Sea

1969 On the Seashore

1971 Shores of Macquarie Island

1971 The Great Barrier Reef

1978 A Coral Reef Handbook

1979 Discovering Lord Howe Island

1983 Discovering Norfolk Island

1987 Australia’s Great Barrier Reef

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