Dr. Liz Dennis

Liz Dennis is an Australian Plant Biologist whose research focusses mainly on molecular plant biology.  She has studied Arabidopsis due to its small genome size making it an ideal specimin to study.  She chaired the Multinational Arabidopsis Genome Project steering committee in 1993-94.

Together with Dr Jim Peacock she won the 2000 Prime Minister’s Prize for Science for their work undertanding the flower switch gene that dictates when plants switch from their vegetable state and begin flowering.

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Liz Dennis
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Recent Findings From Dr. Liz Dennis

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  • 1988 – Pharmacia LKB/Biotechnology Medal of the Australian Biochemistry Society
  • 1997 – Avon ’Spirit of Achievement’ award
  • 2000 – Australian Prime Minister’s Prize for Science

Journal articles

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Conference proceedings

Luo M, Dennis ES, Berger F, Peacock WJ, Chaudhury A. 2005. MINISEED3 (MIN3), a WRKY family gene, and HAIKU2 (IKU2), a leucine-rich repeat (LRR) KINASE gene are regulators of seed size in Arabidopsis. In: Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, USA. 102: 17531-17536.

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