Dr. Zhong Lin Wang

Dr Wang is a world leader in nonoscience and nanotechnology, and is regarded as the world leader in world leader in ZnO nanostructure research. His pioneering work has covered the fundamental physical properties of oxide nanobelts and nanowires, aswell as the application of nanotechnology in electronics, energy production and biology.

He is Hightower Chair in Materials Science and Engineering, Regents’ Professor and College of Engineering Distinguished Professor at Georgia Institute of Technology aswell as being Director of the Center for Nanostructure Characterization (CNC) at Georgia Tech.

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Zhong Lin Wang
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Recent Findings From Dr. Zhong Lin Wang

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  • 1998 – Sigma Xi best paper award
  • 1999 – Burton Medal from Microscopy Society of America
  • 2000 – Georgia Tech Outstanding Faculty Research Author Awards
  • 2001 – S.T. Li prize for Outstanding Contribution in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
  • 2002 – Sigma Xi best paper award
  • 2005 – Georgia Tech Outstanding Faculty Research Author Awards
  • 2005 – Sigma Xi sustain research awards
  • 2009 – Purdy Award from American Ceramic Society

A full list of Dr Zhong Wang’s publications can be found at http://www.nanoscience.gatech.edu/zlwang/publication.html

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    Director, Center for Nanostructure Characterization (CNC)
    Georgia Institute of Technology