Bacteria Nanobots

There has been a couple of science fiction movies in the 70’s where mini submarines have been miniaturised and placed in the bloodstream of a scientist with the purpose of curing a lesion on the brain. The experiences of the participants are farfetched but entertaining for some.

Well, the farfetched concept is now almost a reality with the Polytechnic University of Catalonia in Barcelona envisioning with a research team under Maria Gregori and Ignacio Llatser. They have come up with the idea of using nanobots with whip tailed bacteria contained in them to assist with the attack upon cancer tumour cells with anti cancer drugs.  The tails enable the bacteria to travel

When a nanobot finds the cancer cells it releases anti cancer drugs and the bacteria to communicate with other nanobots to come and release their anti cancer drugs. The bacteria travel through the bloodstream and are attracted to other nanobots with nutrients stored in them. They also release a coded message that the other nanobots as to the location and the site to release their drugs too.

The coded messages in the bacteria are up to 600kilobits of DNA information stored in the bacteria’s cytoplasm. Once released and attracted to other nanobots with the nutrient the encoded DNA


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