University of Sussex

This 50-year-old university located in Brighton, United Kingdom, educates about 12,000 students a year of which about 1 in 4 are foreign students. With a budget of £165.7 million including £21.4 million devoted to research the university employs about 500 teaching faculty and 300 research faculty. Given the university has numerous (almost a hundred) and diverse research groups (a small sample includes the Centre for Fullerene Science, Centre for Mass Spectroscopy and Proteomics, and the Centre for Research in Opera and Music Theatre), the University of Sussex has selected six themes for interdisciplinary research: citizenship and democratisation; culture and heritage; digital and social media; environment and health; global transformations; and mind and brain. The Times Higher Education Magazine ranked the University of Sussex 8th in the United Kingdom, 16th in Europe and 79th worldwide.

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Sir Harold W. Kroto
Sir Harold Kroto
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