University of Texas at Austin

Founded in 1883 in the capital of Texas, the University of Texas at Austin is the flagship of the University of Texas system. The University of Texas at Austin educates over 50,000 students a year with an operating budget of over $2 billion. The University has a healthy research budget (over $640 million in 2009/2010), more than nine million volumes in its 17 libraries, over 150 research units in a wide variety of subjects, and 40 endowed chairs. Many distinguished scholars are currently on the faculty including Nobel Laureate Steven Weinburg, Pulitzer Prize winner David Oshinsky, Dirac Medal winner George Sudarshand and National Medal of Science winner Karen Uhlenbeck.

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Johann Deisenhofer
Johann Deisenhofer
Chemist (Biochemist)
Germany 0 285 285