Dr. Craig Venter

Craig Venter is a biologist famous for being one of the first in history to sequence the human genome and for his role in creating the first cell with a synthetic genome.  He now works with his organisation the J Craig Venter Institute to create synthetic organisms and document genetic diversity in marine ecosystems.  He has been listed by Time magazine the the New Statesman as one of the most influential people in the world.

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Craig Venter
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  • 2007 – Time 100 most influential people in the world
  • 2007 – Golden Eurydice Award for contributions to Biophilosophy
  • 2008 – The Top 10 Everything of 2008

Popular publications

  • Fleischmann, Robert D.; Adams, Mark D.; White, Owen; Clayton, Rebecca; . . . Venter, J. Craig (July 28, 1995). ”Whole-Genome Random Sequencing and Assembly ofHaemophilus influenzae Rd.”
  • Tomb, Jean-F.; White, Owen; Kerlavage, Anthony R.; Clayton, Rebecca A.; Sutton, Granger G.; Fleischmann, Robert D.; . . . Venter, J. Craig (August 7, 1997). ”The complete genome sequence of the gastric pathogen Helicobacter pylori
  • Adams, Mark D.; Celniker, Susan E.; Holt, Robert A.; Evans, Cheryl A.; Goccayne, Jeannine A.; Amanatides, Peter G.; . . . Venter, J. Craig (March 24, 2000). ”The genome sequence of Drosophila melanogaster
  • Venter, J. Craig; et al. (February 16, 2001). ”The Sequence of the Human Genome”
  • Venter, J. Craig; Remington, Karin; Heidelberg, John F.; Halpern, Aaron L.; Rusch, Doug; Eisen, Jonathan A.; Wu, Dongying; Paulsen, Ian et al. (April 2, 2004). ”Environmental Genome Shotgun Sequencing of the Sargasso Sea”
  • Rusch, Donald B.; Halpern, Aaron L.; Sutton, Granger; Heidelberg, Karla B.; Williamson, Shannon; Yooseph, Shibu; Wu, Dongying; . . . Venter, J. Craig (March 13, 2007).”The Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling expedition: Northwest Atlantic through Eastern Tropical Pacific”
  • Yooseph, Shibu; Sutton, Granger; Rusch, Donald B.; Halpern, Aaron L.; Williamson, Shannon; Remington, Karin; Eisen, Jonathan A.; . . . Venter, J. Craig (March 13, 2007). ”The Sorcerer II Global Ocean Sampling Expedition: Expanding the Universe of Protein Families”
  • Venter, J. Craig (October 18, 2007). A Life Decoded: My Genome: My Life.

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