Prof. Peter Freund

Peter Freund is a Theoretical Physicist known for his contributions to particle phyics and string theory.  He is a Professor of Theoretical Physics at the University of Chicago.

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Peter Freund
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Recent Findings From Prof. Peter Freund

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Popular publications

  • ”Finite Energy Sum Rules and Bootstraps”, 1968
  • ”Relation Between pi-p, p-p, and anti-p-p Scattering at High Energies”, 1965
  • ”Topology of Higgs Fields”, 1975
  • ”Nonabelian Gauge Fields as Nambu-Goldstone Fields”, 1975
  • ”Simple Supersymmetries”, 1976
  • ”Dynamics of Dimensional Reduction”, 1980
  • ”Kaluza-Klein Cosmologies”, 1982
  • ”Superstrings from Twenty-six-Dimensions?”, 1985
  • ”Nonarchimedean String Dynamics”1988

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