Dr. Steven E. Jones

Steven E Jones is an American Physicist known mainly for his work on mu-on catalyzed fusion. It is a process which allows nuclear fusion to take place at temperatures lower than those required for thermonuclear fusion. Mu-ons are unstable subatomic particles and if they are produced more efficiently this fusion reaction can become a practical power source. He is also interested in archaeometry and solar energy.

Steven Jones has received several awards and recognitions including David O. McKay Scholarship at Brigham Young University (1968), Outstanding Young Scholar Award BYU (1989), Creativity Prize by Japanese Creativity Society (1989) and Best of What’s New for Popular Science (1989).

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Steven E. Jones
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  • 1989 Outstanding Young Scholar Award (BYU); Best of What’s New for 1989 (Popular Science); Creativity Prize (Japanese Creativity Society)
  • 1990 BYU Young Scholar Award; Annual Lecturer, BYU Chapter of Sigma X

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