Willard S. Boyle

Williard Boyle is a Canadian born applied physicist.  He studied for his PhD at McGill University before going on to a highly successful research career. Together with George E. Smith he invented the charge coupled device (CCD) and was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize for Physics.  CCD has had a huge impact in a range of applications as it is the basis for digital imaging used in scientific, business and consumer products such as cameras, scanners and copiers.

Williard S Boyle passed away on May 7th 2011.

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Williard S Boyle
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  • The Ballantyne Medal of the Franklin Institute,1973 Morris Lieberman Award of the IEEE, 1974
  • Progress Medal of The Photographic Society of America
  • Breakthrough Award by the Device Research Conference of the IEEE
  • Co-winner, C&C prize of the NEC Foundation, Tokyo, 1999
  • Edwin H. Land Medal, Optical Society of America, 2001
  • Canadian Science & Engineering Hall of Fame, 2005
  • Nobel Prize, Physics, 2009
  • Companion of the Order of Canada, 2010


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