EPOC Neuroheadset by Emotiv

One of the most difficult problems to overcome by people suffering from deliberating diseases is that although their body is unable to move in the normal manner, their brain is still bright and active and they would wish to participate in using computers, playing games and communicate with others in everyday life, as we all are able to do.

We have seen the success of Professor Hawkins with his brilliant mind locked in his handicapped body. However, the latest technology designed and developed by Tan Le & Nam Do of Emotiv EPOC has been able to feature a high resolution headset that acquires a neuro-signal from the patient’s brain and connects to a computer with a wireless setup.

The headset tunes the electrical signals from the brain thoughts, expressions and feelings and using the specialised programs the computer is able to interpret facial expressions and monitor the emotional state of the patient in real time. It is also able to interpret conscious thoughts and provide communication through the use of the computer thus giving the patient the independence and enjoyment that they would otherwise be unable to achieve.

The ongoing development looks bright for those suffering and wanting freedom from their current mundane lives in the prison of their disabled body. The Emotiv Company has also developed a number of games that can be played using their headset and programs.

The EPOC Neuroheadset and software is certainly an advance upon the 1970’s technology used by Professor Hawkins, like the mobile telephones of today being more powerful than the computers used by the Apollo astronauts visiting the Moon. It is exciting for those in need and thought provoking and inspiration for others to continue with great ideas and solutions for the future.


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