How we rank scientists

Superstars of Science showcases the achievements of the worlds leading scientists, to bring attention to the amazing work that they’re doing and inspire others to pursue and support scientific research and development.

Scientists Scores

Our system ranks scientists on a simple combination of academic achievements and popularity.  Points are awarded to scientists as follows:

Academic Score
  • Publications – 1 point each
  • Awards – 20 points each (excluding Nobel Prize)
  • Nobel Prize – 50 points each
Public Score
  • Facebook Like – 1 point each
  • Twitter share – 1 point each
  • Comments – 1 point each

You can help promote your favourite scientists on Facebook and Twitter, by leaving comments on their profile page and by helping us to keep their profile up to date with accurate information.

Institution Scores

Institutions are ranked based on the total number of points earned by scientists associated with their institution.


As the Superstars of Science project develops, we will continually update scientists information to keep their profiles up to date.  We will also regularly review our ranking criteria to ensure that rankings are fair and representative of the worlds greatest scientists.

To notify us of any required changes to a scientist or institution profile, please contact us.