Richard R. Schrock

Richard Royce Schrock is known for his his contributions to the metathesis reaction used in organic chemistry. He is interested broadly in synthetic and mechanistic organotransition metal and inorganic chemistry, catalysis, and polymers.

In 2005, Schrock received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry along with Robert H. Grubbs and Yves Chauvin, for his work in the area of olefin metathesis, an organic synthesis technique.

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Richard R. Schrock
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1985 ACS Award in Organometallic Chemistry

1990 Harrison Howe Award of the Rochester ACS section

1995 Alexander von Humboldt Award

1996 ACS Award in Inorganic Chemistry

1998 Bailar Medal from the University of Illinois

2001 ACS Cope Scholar Award

2002 Sir Geoffrey Wilkinson Lecturer and Medalist

2004 Sir Edward Frankland Prize Lecturer

2005 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

2005 F. Albert Cotton Award in Synthetic Inorganic Chemistry

2006 Theodore Richards Medal from the Northeast ACS section

2006 August Wilhelm von Hofmann Medal from the German Chemical Society

2007 Basolo Medal

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15.    The alkoxide ligand in olefin and acetylene metathesis reactions  Polyhedron, Volume 14, Issue 22, October 1995, Pages 3177-3195 Richard R. Schrock
16.    Ligand variation in alkylidene complexes of the type Mo(CHR)(NR′)(OR″)2 Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 459, Issues 1-2, 19 October 1993, Pages 185-198 John H. Oskam, Harold H. Fox, Kimo B. Yap, David H. McConville, Richard O‘Dell, Bradley J. Lichtenstein and Richard R. Schrock
17.    The synthesis of trans-(Me3CO)3W&z.tbnd;CCH=CHC&z.tbnd;W(OCMe3)3, cis,cis-(Me3CO)3W&z.tbnd;CCH=CHC&z.tbnd;CCH=CHC&z.tbnd;W(OCMe3)3, and related metal-capped ene-ynes, and evaluation of them as catalysts for preparing polydiacetylenes  Journal of Organometallic Chemistry, Volume 355, Issues 1-3, 8 November 1988, Pages 257-265 Steven A. Krouse and Richard R. Schrock
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31.    Controlled Synthesis of Polyenes by Catalytic Methods. Progress Report, December 1, 1989 — November 30, 1992”, Department of Chemistry at theMassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), United States Department of Energy, Schrock, R. R.  1992
32.    Controlled Synthesis of Polyenes by Catalytic Methods. Progress Report, December 1, 1992 — November 30, 1993”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT),United States Department of Energy, Schrock, R. R.  December 1993

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