Roderick MacKinnon

Roderick MacKinnon studies the principles of electricity in biology through analysis of ion channel structure and function. In 2003 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry ‘for structural and mechanistic studies of ion channels.

Roderick MacKinnon is a member of the National Academy of Sciences and won numerous scientific awards.

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Roderick MacKinnon
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1998 AAAS Newcomb Cleveland Prize

1999 Lasker Award 1999

2000 Alexander M. Cruickshank Award

2000 Lewis S. Rosenstiel Award

2001 Gairdner Foundation International Award

2003 Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize 2003

2003 Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2003

1997 Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator

1985-86 National Institutes of Health Fellow

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