University of Sydney

Founded over 150 years ago in 1850, the University of Sydney is proud to be one of the first universities in the world to admit female students starting in 1881 as equal to their male counterparts. Enrolment in the university’s 16 faculties and schools is almost 50,000. Students are educated in two campuses of Camperdown and Darlington. The university also has numerous satellite campuses. The university has an annual budget of about $1.3 billion (AUD) of which it receives approximately $420 million (AUD) in research funding and $230 million (AUD) in government grants. An additional $189 million (AUD) comes from private sources and students pay $451 million (AUD) in fees and other payments. The university’s alumni include five prime ministers and 3 Nobel Prize winners.

Total staff score
440 points
# Scientist Country Public Score Academic Score Overall Score
Max Bennett
Max Bennett
Biologist (Neuroscientist)
Australia 1 369 370
Isobel Bennett
Biologist (Marine biology)
Australia 0 70 70