The World’s greatest scientists

Find the world’s greatest living scientists in our Superstars of Science league table below.  All scientists are awarded a score based on their academic achievements as well as their popularity.

You can browse the scientists listed below in order of their overall scores, or you can search for scientists that you’re specifically interested in using the box below to search by name, institution, discipline, country and keyword.

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# Scientist Country Public Score Academic Score Overall Score
Robert H Grubbs
Robert H. Grubbs
Chemist (Chemist)
United States 2 641 643
Rudolph A. Marcus
Rudolph A. Marcus
Chemist (Chemist)
Canada 0 638 638
Jean-Marie Lehn
Jean-Marie Lehn
Chemist (synthesis of the cryptands)
France 2 629 631
Paul D Boyer
Paul D. Boyer
Chemist (Biochemist, Analytical Chemist)
United States 0 610 610
John Polanyi
John C. Polanyi
Chemist (chemical kinetics)
Canada 3 597 600
Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawkins
Biologist (Ethologist, Evolutionary Biologist)
United Kingdom 5 593 598
Ada Yonath
Ada Yonath
Biologist (ribosome crystallographist)
Israel 0 591 591
Prof Jack W. Szostak
Netherlands 1 585 586
Dr Harald_zur_Hausen
Dr. Harald zur Hausen
Biologist (Virologist)
Germany 1 575 576
Kary Mullis
Dr. Kary Mullis
Chemist (Biochemist)
United States 0 571 571