The World’s greatest scientists

Find the world’s greatest living scientists in our Superstars of Science league table below.  All scientists are awarded a score based on their academic achievements as well as their popularity.

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# Scientist Country Public Score Academic Score Overall Score
Arvid Carlsson
Arvid Carlsson
Biologist (Neurotransmitter dopamine and its effects in Parkinson's disease)
Sweden 46 1036 1082
Dr Mario R. Capecchi
Dr Mario R. Capecchi
Biologist (Geneticist)
United States 1 1080 1081
K Barry Sharpless
United States 1 1055 1056
Louis J. Ignarro
Chemist (Pharmacologist, Nitric Oxide)
ItalyUnited States 23 1026 1049
Charles Kao
Sir Charles Kuen Kao
Physicist (Applied Physicist)
Hong Kong 3 1040 1043
Paul Crutzen
Paul J. Crutzen
Chemist (Atmospheric Chemist)
Netherlands 0 981 981
Roger Tsien
Roger Y. Tsien
Chemist (Biochemist)
United States 0 908 908
Richard R. Ernst
Richard R. Ernst
Chemist (Physical Chemist)
Switzerland 6 894 900
Ei-ichi Negishi
Ei-ichi Negishi
Chemist (Chemist)
Japan 1 875 876
MC 85037634 10
Roald Hoffmann
Chemist (theoretical chemist)
United States 8 863 871