The World’s greatest scientists

Find the world’s greatest living scientists in our Superstars of Science league table below.  All scientists are awarded a score based on their academic achievements as well as their popularity.

You can browse the scientists listed below in order of their overall scores, or you can search for scientists that you’re specifically interested in using the box below to search by name, institution, discipline, country and keyword.

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# Scientist Country Public Score Academic Score Overall Score
Mario J. Molina
Mario J. Molina
Chemist (Atmospheric Chemist)
Mexico 3 299 302
Albert Fert
Albert Fert
Physicist (Physicist)
France 0 294 294
Carol Greider
Carol W. Greider
Biologist (Molecular Biologist)
United States 0 293 293
Walter Gilbert
Walter Gilbert
Chemist (Molecular Biologist)
United States 0 289 289
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
Venkatraman Ramakrishnan
Biologist (Structural Biologist, Biochemist)
United States 2 286 288
Robin Warren
John Robin Warren
Biologist (Pathologist)
Australia 1 284 285
Johann Deisenhofer
Johann Deisenhofer
Chemist (Biochemist)
Germany 0 285 285
Jeffrey Hoffman
Dr. Jeffrey Hoffman
Physicist (Astronomer, Astrophysicist)
United States 1 280 281
Andre Geim
Andre Geim
Physicist (Applied Physicist)
Russia 0 268 268
Yuan Lee
Yuan T. Lee
Chemist (dynamics of chemical elementary processes)
Taiwan 0 268 268